Holding MHKs to account (2)

Wednesday, 17 February 2010 13:32 PAG
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In response to an earlier article on Holding MHKs to account (click to view).

I feel that we should do as suggested and on this website display, well before the next election:

  1. Successful 2006 MHKs election leaflets.
  2. All MHKs contact information.
  3. If Tynwald will provide, include all Tynwald voting records.
  4. Any other relevant media links about them.
  5. Invite the public to add any further comments.

This work needs to start now. We'll need volunteers to help sift through the information on each MHK.

Can you spare any time to help with this?

Ideally we'd like to have people helping with their own constituency MHK(s) if at all possible.

Let us know!