Freedom of Information Act 2015 receives Royal Assent

Wednesday, 24 June 2015 20:47 PAG
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That was the announcement given at the start of June Tynwald but no celebrations yet, as before the public can make use of it, an Appointed Day Order is required. So watch out for that!

Also remember to start with FOI requests can only be submitted to DEFA and The Cabinet Office.

In the meantime to find out information from the rest of government we must resort to the 1996 Code of Practice on Access to Government Information.

That's what one PAG member has recently done to the Department of Infrastructure - here it is:

 Town and Village Centre Regeneration Scheme

On the Government website one of the key funding eligibility criteria is that the "property must be in a designated Regeneration Area."

The 7 regeneration zones are clearly delineated on the website maps.

Could you please advise me the following:

  1. To date, since the Schemes were started, have any applications been approved for a property out-with any regeneration zone?
  2. If so can you please advise:
    1. the reference number and date of such an application
    2. the address of the property
    3. a brief description of the works
    4. the actual amount of approved regeneration funding
    5. the status of the application

I request this information under the 1996 Code of Practice on Access to Government Information and as such expect to receive your reply within 10 working days.

Please acknowledge this e mail.

 PAG will let you know the outcome!