Suffer the little children

Monday, 18 April 2011 12:29 PAG

Parents of children at Murray’s Road School have been told that their children will no longer have proper PE sessions until at least the autumn as the government need to save the £75 cost per journey to the NSC. This school, like others in central Douglas lacks any suitable facilities.

The 'unfortunate' timing of the announcement immediately prior to a school holiday means that even school governors are in the dark as to how this will affect pupils at other schools in a similar situation such as Ballacloan and Fairfield.

Does this government really care about the long term health of our children when in the same week they could manage to write off £1.8 million of our money just to ensure that Ramsey's Queens Pier will continue as a liability for years to come?

What is more important to them? Rusty iron or the future health of our children?

In the governments own strategy document on sports and recreation they state:

Sport and Physical Education in schools lay the foundations for a lifetime of physical activity, with the many health and social benefits that this will bring to the growing individual and the community. Sport in schools helps nurture talent, build confidence and develop standards of personal performance. It helps to create links between the schools, their pupils and the local community. It helps to create a sense of identity and teamwork within the school. School sport provides the opportunities for young people to experience various levels of competition and co-operation, and it is the basis for young people to continue their involvement in sport beyond school."

Have they now changed their minds to save a pittance?   

Last Updated on Monday, 09 May 2011 13:01