PAG public meeting: Our Generation: Offshore power for the Isle of Man?

Tuesday, 01 December 2015 00:00 PAG
PAG Public Meeting

'Our Generation:  Offshore power for the Isle of Man?' 

Presentation by Steve Malley of Manx Tidal Energy on 30th November 2015.

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The Isle of Man Government has recently announced the granting of a survey license enabling local company Manx Tidal Energy Limited to carry out preliminary work to determine the practicality and commercial viability of offshore electricity production. Manx Tidal Energy will investigate the possibility of a tidal array on an area of the seabed off the Point of Ayre. 

The government have identified the development of an offshore energy hub as one of the key strategies of its long-term proposals to boost the economy: leasing parts of the Island’s seabed for renewable energy generation is expected to make a major contribution to public funds and local job creation.

In his presentation, Steve described the project, explaining how such a development would operate, generate and transmit power. He also spoke of the benefits to the Island and the obstacles to be overcome: in particular a environmental impact assessment, planning and UK subsidies which do appear to be under threat.

We thank Steve and Manx Tidal Energy for his excellent presentation and taking the time to make the case to our audience. 


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