PAG Meeting: Abortion Funding - A matter of equal rights and justice

Sunday, 13 March 2016 13:13 PAG
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Public Meeting jointly sponsored by IOM Freethinkers & Positive Action Group (PAG)

ABORTION FUNDING: A matter of equal rights and justice

A presentation by 

Mara Clarke - Director, Abortion Support Network


7.30 p.m. Monday 21st March 2016

Manx Legion Club. Market Hill, Douglas

The meeting is Free and Open to all


Abortion is a topic that has not been discussed publicly on the island for several years.
Positive Action Group (PAG) and IoM Freethinkers are pleased to welcome Mara Clarke, Director of the Abortion Support Network, to give their major joint presentation this year. Previous visits by Professor Trevor Nutt and Peter Tatchell have raised the important topics of drug legalisation and human rights.
Mara Clarke is passionate about the subject and travels internationally talking about the work of the charity she founded. The Abortion Support Network helps women from Ireland, Northern Ireland and sometimes the Isle of Man to travel to England to access safe and legal abortions. 
These must be paid for privately and are not available on the NHS. The cost can be between ¬£400 and ¬£2,000. 
Abortion Support Network, a charity of 50+ volunteers, provides confidential, practical and non-judgemental advice to anyone. It believes that it is important and morally right to provide such a service for women.
A spokesperson for the IOM Department of Health & Social Care said "The Island's Termination of Pregnancy (Medical Defences) Act 1995, allows terminations where it is necessary to preserve the woman's life, the foetus is unlikely to survive or is seriously handicapped - the latter 
up to 24 weeks or within 12 weeks of conception if the pregnancy is caused by rape, incest or indecent assault. Some terminations are carried out in the Isle of Man, under the 1995 Act, but the numbers each year are small, in single figures."
We are pleased that Dr Alex Allinson, President of the IOM Medical Society, will be on hand at the meeting to explain the current IOM medical position. This meeting offers an opportunity to hear from somebody who works closely with women seeking abortions and who knows the practical implications of the existing laws. We feel it important to raise such an important issue in this General Election year.
The meeting is free and open to all.