PAG Objectives & PAG Charter

Friday, 28 October 2011 16:55 PAG
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  1. To promote awareness and understanding of politics and citizenship
  2. To encourage members of the public to participate actively in politics by taking part in discussions, making their views known, voting, standing for office and holding public office.
  3. To encourage an increase in the percentage turnout of the electorate, by raising awareness of the importance to the electorate of exercising their democratic right to vote - a consequence of which will be that they can help to shape and secure the future of the Isle of Man.
  4. To bring to the attention of Tynwald Members, the Government of the Isle of Man, or any other appropriate bodies, issues or matters of public interest raised by members of P A G; and which may include submissions in response to public consultation exercises.


Positive Action Group (PAG) believes that three ‘core principles’ should apply to the system of Government in the Isle of Man.

Towards this end we RESOLVE that these steps be taken to implement the ‘core principles’:
The people to have the right to elect Members of the Legislative Council: - before this is implemented, no MLC may become a Minister.
The Chief Minister be popularly elected
The number of Ministries to be reduced.
The number of Departmental members to be reduced.
Equality of representation in each constituency be introduced*
Appoint a Tynwald Commissioner for Administration in accordance with the Act 2011**
The Freedom of Information Act 2015^ is broadened as soon as  possible to embrace all public authorities 

That Tynwald should introduce legislation to:



* introduced for General Election 2016
** Tynwald Commissioner for Administration Act 2011 received Royal assent in October 2011 but is inoperative as no appointed day order has been issued
The general functions of the Commissioner are to conduct investigations  into the actions and service failures of listed public authorities. The Commissioner is an Ombudsman.
^ The Freedom of Information Act 2015 was made operational in a very limited form in February 2016