Sunday, 05 December 2010 11:36 PAG
A collection of quotes and gaffes from our parliament. Not many people know that that a millenia before Private Eye magazine first coined the term Colemanballs, Tynwaldballs had already established itself as the first recorded digest of verbal gaffes1 2.

Now, a thousand years later that irrepressible double-act -Watterson and Gill - present a new compilation in aid of a most worthwhile charity, Southern Befrienders.




Available for £10 from:

Manx Museum Shop, Kingswood Grove, Douglas (Tel: 648000)
Albert Hotel, Athol Street, Port St. Mary (Tel:832118)
Calvert Newsagents, Bay View Road, Port St. Mary (Tel: 833118)
Bay Hotel, Shore Road, Port Erin (Tel: 832084)


1The original manuscript includes such classics as Erik the Red's sons omission from the first Isle of Man register provoking the embarrassed registrar to cry 'I must have taken Lief off my Census'.

2 Allegedly.

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