Legislative Council election results

Monday, 15 March 2010 19:55 PAG
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Phil Braidwood, Alex Downie and Dudley Butt were elected to the Legislative Council today. Mr Braidwood's election will cause a by-election in Douglas East, Downie and Butt re-elected to their previous position.

In an echo of previous Legco election farces - and despite the new procedure allowing ten attempts on the day to get a majority  - there remains a vacancy.

Neither of the two remaining candidates - Crowe and Waft - were able to gain a majority of thirteen MHK's in order to retain their place within Legco. At the last count the voting was Crowe 11, Waft 7.

The House of Keys was thus adjourned and seeking fresh nominations for LegCo candidates by April 15 with a further election to take place two weeks later.