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Open, accountable government, rigorous control of public finances, and a fairer society for all.

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A selection of relevant lobby and pressure groups, some of which will have helped with our past events. We are naturally inclined to support any positive-thinking group seeking to improve the quality of life in all spheres. Inclusion in the list below does not necessarily imply PAG support for that organisation or policy unless explicitly declared elsewhere on this website.

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1   Link   They Work for You
For all its faults and foibles, the UK democracy is a profound gift from previous generations. Yet most people don't know the name of their MP, nor their constituency, let alone what their MP does or says in their name. We aim to help bridge this growing democratic disconnect, in the belief that there is little wrong with Parliament that a healthy mixture of transparency and public engagement won't fix.
2   Link   Tax Justice Network
TJN is an independent organisation launched in the British Houses of Parliament in March 2003. It is dedicated to high-level research, analysis and advocacy in the field of tax and regulation. We work to map, analyse and explain the role of taxation and the harmful impacts of tax evasion, tax avoidance, tax competition and tax havens. Our objective is to encourage reform at the global and national levels. We are not aligned to any political party
3   Link   Campaign for Freedom of Information
The Campaign for Freedom of Information is a non-profit organisation working to improve public access to official information and ensure that the Freedom of Information Act is implemented effectively. Since 1984 we provide advice to individuals in exercising their rights to information. We are not affiliated to any political party.
4   Link   Centre for Investigative Journalism
The Centre for Investigative Journalism (CIJ) came into being in 2003 to address a deepening crisis in investigative reporting and in-house training in the mainstream media. We provide high-level training, resources and research to journalists, researchers, non-governmental organisations, academics, graduate students and others interested in public integrity and the defence of the public interest. The CIJ offers particular assistance to those working in difficult environments where freedom of the press in under threat and where reporting can be a dangerous occupation.
5   Link   Low Carbon Lifestyles
6   Link   BBC Democracy Live
Democracy Live is the BBC's new website which offers live and on demand video coverage of the UK's national political institutions and the European Parliament. Alongside the video, we have guides to how the different UK institutions work and who sits in them. The search engine is a BBC "first" - it uses speech-to-text to take you straight to your points of interest in the video.
7   Link   Tax Research UK
Tax Research UK have published quite a few reports on the Isle of Man as an offshore finance centre. This link will list blog posts about the Island.
8   Link   Dignity in Dying
A UK campaign and membership organisation that demands greater choice and control to alleviate suffering at the end of life. They believe that everyone has the right to a dignified death.



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