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Election of Legislative Council

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There has been much controversy but little resolution as to how the upper chamber of Tynwald should be elected.  However, one clear objective is apparent in that it must be publicly elected in the future – the electoral college route being deemed as anachronistic.


A view from the inside

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The following are Douglas East MHK Chris Robertshaw's own notes from his talk given at PAG's 28th March 2011 public meeting "Identifying Election Issues". 


Senior Civil Servants - "the key people in all Government Departments"

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Yes Chief Minister

In January 2011, Tynwald received and approved (with amendments) the Report of the SELECT COMMITTEE OF TYNWALD ON THE COMMITTEE SYSTEM.

If all the amended recommendations are implemented they will have a significant effect on the scrutiny of Government. It is a major development which is wholeheartedly supported by PAG.

The essential remit of the Select Committee was to assess the benefits of establishing a system of standing committees relating to the work of Government departments including indentifying the related costs and staffing requirements.

In the Appendices at the end of the lengthy Report is a submission giving a revealing insight into the relationship of Senior Civil Servants with politicians.


Words fail them

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Introducing a new feature in which we invite you to listen in and report back on the word games politicians and civil servants play.

First prize (up to now) in the mixed metaphor stakes of the current administration goes to an Onchan MHK (no, not THAT one) who warned not long after his election:

'We must be careful not to over-egg our favourite hobbyhorse.'


The Election Procedure for a New Lieutenant Governor - A Bad Move for Democracy

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So our Chief Minister believes it is good for Manx independence that he should chair a very select, small committee of local worthies to choose our new Lieutenant Governor – but I beg to differ.


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