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Tourism and Transport

More Steam Packet Propaganda

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This morning's statement by the CEO of the Isle of Man Steam Packet Co must be challenged. In it he says that an increase of competition on the freight side by the new owners of Mezeron could threaten passenger services. This statement must be seen for what it is - a complete distortion of the truth and a blatant attempt by the owners of the ferry company to frighten the Manx travelling public.


Why The Steam Packet User Agreement is More a Charter for Customer Abuse

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It is very simple. The user agreement between the owners of our ferry service and the Isle of Man Government created a de facto monopoly. Once the monopoly was secured the ferry company was sold and sold again as a commodity on the international money markets at an ever higher price at the peak of the financial boom.


How the Government broke the Tourism Sector and what it must do to fix it

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The level to which Government income has reduced obviously came as a shock, but a reduction as such should not have done. Back in 2006 the Scope and Structure of Government Report identified such a possibility as the single most serious threat the Isle of Man faced. What was the Chief Minister’s reaction at the time? He completely ignored the advice preferring profligacy and complacency. He makes much of the need to encourage diversity yet has totally failed to ensure Tourism plays its part as new opportunities become manifest.


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