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Aalish called in to the cramped dank and dark PAG offices this afternoon. She draped herself over my desk and in the swirl of paper, dust and my long lost spectacles announced that we had a new columnist - herself. I can only hope that you the reader are half as impressed as she is with herself.

Aalish breathes again!

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Hello, everyone! I don't know about you, but three action-packed days of Budget Week debates left me breathless with suspense. Would my dear Chief Minister (and the sweet Mr. Teare of course) get their way in the face of those carping publicity-seeking hounds (and bitches, too), always raising questions?

Surely we don't need questions. We need answers. And the Government has the answers - isn't that what a government's for?



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Hello again, possums. As some of you know, I've been in Australia since we last spoke, (Missed you dreadfully, too true, mates.)

Now I'm back and so worried about our dear Mr. Bell.


My Budget by Aalish

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AalishWell, dear readers, i don't know about you, but I'm still feeling a bit lost in this brave new world that opened up in the Budget debate.
At the moment I'm reclining in a hot bath drinking champagne (lightly chilled of course) and trying to compose myself.
I'd always thought of Alan Bell as such a nice man too. So positive and dynamic. So different from what's-his-name who used to run things.
But here was Alan, the people's friend, impaling himself on the horns of his own false dilemma - so painful to hear.



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