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New MHK hits the ground running

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Chris Robertshaw-  the new MHK for Douglas East - takes his seat in Tynwald for the first time on Tuesday 15th June 2010. He won't be sitting long though because he will be on his feet with the opening questions of the day.


Natural Gas Pipeline Extension - viability questioned!

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A convincing case not to proceed with this ambitious project is put forward by one of Liberal Vannin's advisors. We thought it worth publishing so that you could judge for yourself.

PAG thanks Liberal Vannin for allowing us to do this.

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Freedom of Information - a step nearer?

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Today Tynwald approved unanimously that CoMin bring forward its proposals on access to information as a matter of urgency.

This was one of the recommendations of the Select Committee on the 'Report on Redress' for Mr and Mrs Spadoni.

The affair has been going on for about 10 years with local fisherman, Dante Spadoni and his wife Joan, relentlessly seeking redress for being wrongly accused of interfering with the stablity of their beam trawler "Suzanna D".

It ended with the couple requesting, via their MHK Phil Gawne, a full unreserved apology, in order to clear their name.

This was somewhat reluctantly approved by the Court; Keys voting in favour, 15 votes to 6 and LegCo being deadlocked, 4 in favour and 4 against.The vote reflected the sentiment of an empassioned speech by Minister Gawne where he said "sorry seems to be the hardest word, particularly if you are in a position of power"

The case has cost the couple many thousands of pounds over the years and, as the Report states, it has received the direct attention of their MHKs and successive Chief Ministers and Ministers for Trade and Industry, as well as a CoMin sub-committee and finally a Select Committee.

The conclusion by the Select Committee, urging action by CoMin, to introduce an Access to Government Information Bill, is founded on "Document 437" which, had it been made available to the couple earlier in the decade, would have unambiguously shown that there was  an inherent design fault in the trawler since being built in 1966.

This vote by Tynwald must surely now mean that the long promised legislation is brought forward by CoMIn and soon!


Reform of Legislative Council - from within!

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True to his word LegCo member David Callister is seeking leave to introduce a Bill to provide for the election of Members of the Legislative Council by public franchise.

As part of his request, which will be made at the LegCo sitting on Tuesday 27th April 2010*, there would need to revision and reduction of 'Keys' constituencies down to 8, following a Boundary Committee recommendation.

This is an encouraging development as far as P A G is concerned. We have been campaigning for a popularly elected LegCo for a number of years - it is in the P A G Charter.

With only 16 months to go before the next General Election will our elected politicians have the drive to support this initiative, that comes, unusually, from within LegCo? A majority of them told us in the 2006 Election campaign that they supported a truly democratically elected LegCo. Here they have a chance to honour that promise.

*starts at 10.30 a.m. - P A G members and others are encouraged to sit in the small public gallery to hear Mr Callister propose the Bill. This could be a momentous step forward in Manx politics. Do turn up if you can!


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