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Poetry Corner

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The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed that we've started up a new section for poetry with a contribution from Jeff Garland. It can be accessed via 'Poetry' on the top menu or click here.


Robert Quayle, Chair of IoMSPCo on Opinion 12 Dec 2010

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An interesting and very informative interview by Roger Watterson on Manx Radio's Opinion programme.

Available now from our audio gallery.


Planning Loophole!

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Loophole CartoonWhen Heritage Homes Limited was recently granted approval of two planning applications to remove conditions in a previous planning approval, so as to allow the sewage outfall from a stand-alone treatment works serving 43 houses being built in Peel to be connected to Peel’s main sewerage system, it wasn’t to be expected that the landowner, a company called Dunbrody Limited, would appeal the decisions.

However, this is what the landowner did and it did this the day after the notifications of the Planning Committee’s Decisions were issued.



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A collection of quotes and gaffes from our parliament. Not many people know that that a millenia before Private Eye magazine first coined the term Colemanballs, Tynwaldballs had already established itself as the first recorded digest of verbal gaffes1 2.

Now, a thousand years later that irrepressible double-act -Watterson and Gill - present a new compilation in aid of a most worthwhile charity, Southern Befrienders.


Children are Suffering

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Speech made by Chris Robertshaw during the debate on Child Care Tuesday November 16th 2010

The screamThank you Mr President. It goes without saying but I will say it anyway. I am absolutely sure that there is not one single member of this honourable court who does not care enormously about our children. To suggest otherwise would be a heinous thing to do and I do not do it.

Perhaps it is because we all care so much that we find this a truly difficult subject. Perhaps the most difficult.

You will therefore understand that I do not bring this motion before you lightly and not before I have carried out a considerable investigation. I am deeply sorry that I find it necessary to bring this before you but I speak now for those who have no voice and I would respectfully ask you to listen to what I have to say – to what they have to say. If you listen to nothing else I have to say - please listen to this with a truly open heart and an open mind. It is late and honourable members are tired but I would beg your attention.

Whilst canvassing last May I came across a couple of instances where I was told the most troubling stories about dealings with the Children and Families section of Social Services. I found it most difficult to believe what I was hearing but resolved that if I was elected I would follow the matter up and this I have duly done.

I went back to those concerned after the election, sat down and listened again to their stories. I still found them difficult to believe not because I thought they were lying – simply that I did not want to believe them.

 I did not want it to be true.


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