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Home Opinion Tynwald Weasel Words - Unexplained Absences

Weasel Words - Unexplained Absences

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(see above)

Taken from ‘Crowe v Cannell Tynwald 15.01.08 - Committee on Scrutiny Report 2007-8

Standing Committee on Scrutiny   First Report 2007-08

Amended motion carried

(5 members on Committee, but only 4 signed Report. Crowe didn't sign.)


Mrs Crowe:

Thank you, Mr President.

It is really in answer to a query from Mr Quayle about the fact there are four signatories to this Report, and not five.

The Hon. Court did appoint me to this Committee, but unfortunately, due to the timings of the meetings, I was nearly always engaged at the MEA Select Committee meetings, which take a rather long time generally, and was unable to attend any of the meetings of this particular Scrutiny Committee, and did send my apologies.

So that is the reason that I am afraid I did not feel able to sign the Report. I am sorry that I was not able to attend, .....................

So, in any case, I apologise to the Court for not being able to take part in the work of this Committee, but I was taking part in the work of another Tynwald Committee.

Mrs Cannell:

This is to do with Mrs Crowe, who has given her apologies to the Court, saying that she was in attendance at MEA Select Committees.

I have been circulated with a note and a list of the dates of the Select Committees of the MEA and also a list of the dates of the Scrutiny Committee. Indeed, of the four occasions we met, one clashed with the MEA Select Committee and that is in fact backed. So I do not know why Mrs Crowe never attended a meeting.



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