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PAG Event: The Dark Money Files

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Positive Action Group public meeting

The Dark Money Files

The role of UK shell companies in global criminal networks


A presentation by Graham Barrow

Creator/Director of anti-financial crime project 'The Dark Money Files'

Monday 28 March 2022 @ 7:30pm

Manx Legion club, Market Hill, Douglas IM1 2BQ


The conflict in the Ukraine has brought into sharp focus the close links between financial crime and the organised criminals gangs and corrupt individuals who are responsible for so much of the dirty money entering the financial system and in particular the role of UK entities in enabling this.

Graham barrow is passionate about informing and education both seasoned professionals and members of the general public on the subject of dark money; how it enters the the financial system, and even more importantly, how it infects everything it touches.

Graham is co-founder and director of the influential website 'The Dark Money files'†which actively exposes faults in the financial system.

His unique skills are called upon by print and broadcast media to help them identify and write about organised crime and corruption - specifically on their use of legal entities to launder the proceeds of crime. None so more than in todays global unrest.

PAG is fortunate in luring Graham to the Isle of Man at this time to share his 25 years experience in financial services. As usual this PAG public event at the Legion is free and all are welcome to attend.


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