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Home Opinion Education The Great IoM Primary School League Table Postcode Lottery

The Great IoM Primary School League Table Postcode Lottery

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IoM Examiner parents deserveSince the first (2017) unofficial IOM Primary School League Tables were published on the PAG website debate has been generated on this subject in the Island’s media and other fora.

Following on from this, parent David Watts has written a second article (drawing on responses to a succession of Freedom of Information requests).

The Paper includes the Key Stage 2 (KS2) League Tables for the last academic year (ending July 2018). Importantly this work contains much more – notably what the author terms “Dashboards.”

Here readers will find a series of pages – one dedicated to each of the Island’s 32 primary schools where KS2 academic attainment, respective league table positioning, and other contextual data is tracked over a 5-year (2014-18) period.

Parents can directly compare and contrast various aspects of the Island’s schools to see, for example, if it is a consistently higher academic performer, a school where pupils struggle to reach Level 5 (+) or whether it is one whose KS2 results mirror that of a roller coaster, experiencing cyclical peaks and troughs of varying degrees.

Furthermore, following publication of England’s Early Years Foundation Stage results on 18th October 2018 an analysis of each Island school’s Reception Year performance has been conducted using the Good Level of Development (GLD) performance measure. Here the author highlights the Island’s low ranking compared to the 152 Local Education Authorities (LEA) in England – if the IOM was considered as the 153rd LEA it would rank 126th.

Of course, as with KS2 results, there is dramatic variation in performance between Island schools. Full details are published in this Paper.

A pupil’s choice of school is governed by geographical catchment areas (unless the lottery of an out of catchment place is granted). Thus, a parent’s/guardian’s address means that school choice is postcode dependent (selecting faith orientated schooling, the Manx Language school or seeking private education are potential alternatives). Accordingly, parents may well want to compare various qualities and attributes of schools.

This Paper focuses on academic results, noting of course, that other factors are of great importance to prospective parents.

The author believes that his Paper makes for thought provoking reading for anybody interested in the academic performance of the Island’s Primary Schools.

To access the Paper, click on the link below.

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Download this file (THE GREAT IOM PRIMARY SCHOOL LEAGUE TABLE POSTCODE LOTTERY V1.pdf)The Great IoM Primary School League Table Postcode Lottery2169 Kb17384

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