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PAG Public Meeting

The IoM – a potential cycling Utopia?

A presentation by Roger Geffen MBE,Director- Cycling UK

7.30 p.m. Monday 22nd May 2017

Manx Legion Club, Market Hill, Douglas

The meeting is free and open to all



The IOM – a potential cycling Utopia? For a small island with a small population it is surprising how congested the island's roads can become during peak travel times. Perhaps one solution to the log jams everyone must have experience at least once in places like central Douglas, is for commuters to ditch the car and travel by public transport or whenever possible, walk or cycle to work.

The government is currently working on an 'Active Travel' strategy which it is hoped, through various interventions will encourage many more residents to get out of their car and use their own leg power to propel themselves to work, the shops and to leisure activities.

For its public meeting on Monday 22 May Positive Action Group (PAG) has decided to focus on the cycling component of the strategy and have invited Roger Geffen MBE, campaigns and policy director of Cycling UK to address the meeting.

In his role with Cycling UK, working with other national organisations, lobbying central and local government, Roger has gained a wide experience of what policies, schemes and initiatives can have positive outcomes when trying to increase the amount of cycling within a community.

He can provide examples of what has worked and what has proved less effective across the water and therefore the lessons the island can learn from the UK's experience. Mr Geffen said "Cycling UK has spent years campaigning for a strong and well-funded Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy. It is encouraging to see that IOM Government, through an Active Travel Strategy, is being lobbied to promote cycling. I'm anxious to learn more. It's a pleasure to come to the Isle of Man, an island which is now synonymous with cycling. Cycling UK's vision is of a healthier, happier and cleaner world, because more people cycle".

The meeting, at the Manx Legion, Market Hill, Douglas will commence at 7.30pm with a short presentation by Mr Geffen followed by Q&As.

The meeting is free and open to all.


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