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PAG AGM 2016

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7pm prompt, Monday, 25th April 2016

Manx Legion Club, Market Hill, Douglas

All are welcome to attend but only members will be able to vote

Happy to welcome new members that evening

Followed by PUBLIC MEETING at 7.45pm

"Direct Democracy"

a Talk & Discussion by 

James Hampton

ALL Welcome - Admission Free

James Hampton is passionate about politics and like many of us he's concerned about the state of Manx Democracy.

Whilst designing and building beautiful timber frame structures he's also been developing his political ideas about Direct Democracy.

With a General Election in September James  is ready to go public. PAG is delighted to give him a platform.

James has already been busy discussing with a number of our politicians about how to take his ideas forward.

In brief Direct Democracy is about putting power back in the hands of the people via:

  • Citizen Referenda to vote on specific issues
  • Citizen Initiative to propose legislation
  • Citizen Recall  to vote to remove an elected representative

A PAG spokesperson remarked "For some time now PAG has had a website, Facebook and Twitter accounts. We have noticed an increased engagement with us as a result of this. Despite this we see a general dis-satisfaction with politics and the political process. People don't believe that they can change anything."

James Hampton regards social media as a new external force, not just for winging, but for discussion. Generally electors have the power of the vote only once every five years. The system determines the power an elector has. Direct Democracy aims to extend that power by introducing citizen referenda and initiatives. It's an exciting prospect"

These are the bare bones of the proposals which will be discussed. To hear more everyone is welcome to attend this event and join in the discussion about important political  issues.

Admission is free.

Prior to the talk, at 7:00 p.m. prompt, PAG will hold its Annual General Meeting.
All are welcome to attend but only members will be able to vote




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