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LegCo Latest - Referendum rebuked

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no-referendumNot unexpectedly MHK Bill Malarkey's call for a referendum, for the public to decide as to whether LegCo should be popularly elected, was rejected (February 2016 Tynwald).
Some senior politicians called the motion "a nonsensical political gimmick" - "dealing with existential issues" - "faffing around" - "obscuring big issues".
There was just no appetite to try and tackle change - except that is from the eight Members who voted for a referendum
So another five year parliamentary term will have passed with failure to resolve the LegCo dilemma.
Well not quite...
The Keys previously voted to introduce a speedier, more flexible system to elect MLC's. This measure will only serve to make such elections less embarrassing!
And, on the horizon since June 2015, there has been the promise of an independent review to examine the functioning of the Branches of Tynwald and consider options for reform.
Assurance has been given that the terms of reference have been drawn up, but no person to conduct the review appointed. Of course those terms have not been made public. Why not?
So the promise of a report being completed by April is likely to be broken.
Surely what is needed are some facts about the work of LegCo and they will be provided later on this website.



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