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Manx Credit Union - make it happen!

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mcuThose that braved the horrible weather last night were rewarded with a valuable insight into the work going on to create a Manx Credit Union. Thank you all for such a good turnout and your valuable contributions during the Q&A.

A Manx Credit Union can only happen with your support. Please, please view their website, register your interest and make this happen.

Click on the logo for the website and more information.

Interview with David Talbot: http://www.manx.net/tv/mt-tv/watch/61798/manx-credit-union-proposal



+1 #2 PAG supports MCUroy 2014-04-21 11:15
PAG recommends that all members and supporters register their interest to help facilitate the establishment of a Manx Credit Union.

+3 #1 www.mcu.im/expressinterest.htmlBill Muir 2014-02-26 10:48
As a member of the Manx Credit Union Working Party (MCUwp) I was very gratified with the enthusiastic reception by the audience to this presentation. The number and quality of the audience's questions afterwards was impressive.
Hopefully sufficient expressions of interest forms will be returned to convince all interested parties, MCUwp, Manx Govt (Treasury principally) and FSC ( Financial Supervision Commission ) to legislate, facilitate and form a working MCU in the near future.
If you have internet access then registration of interest can be done quite easily by completing the section on www.mcu.im/expressinterest.html . Why not do it now !!


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