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Words we don't use in this nursery

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I was talking to a Government minister today (as one does - all too rarely.)
And I happened to ask about 'cuts.'
He blanched.
I realised I had put my foot in it.
A nasty solecism.
Verbal dogshit.
'We...don't say cuts', he replied in hushed tones.
He's a nice man so I hastened to tone down my question.
''Er, re-allocation of expenditure?' I hazarded.
He shook his head.
More in sorrow than in anger (I hoped.)
And corrected me. 'Re-balancing' he said firmly.
'Ah,' I said feebly. Re-balancing!
My co-ordination's never been great, I must admit.
Had this nasty glimpse of me walking across Niagra Falls.
Tightrope swaying, pole tilting.
Well, you learn something every day.

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