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Home Docs Our submissions 'Play' with Chris Gregory | PAG Public meeting | Monday 26th November

'Play' with Chris Gregory | PAG Public meeting | Monday 26th November

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PAG Public Meeting

7:30pm on Monday, November 26th 2012

at the Manx Legion, Market Street, Douglas



A presentation by Chris Gregory

Play Development Officer, the Isle of Man Childrens Centre


Chris wants to highlight the need for children to spend more of their free time playing outdoors. As a child did you love climbing trees, building dens, playing in the street, going on adventures or day long bike rides with friends.... all without a supervising adult in sight? The perception now is that children spend more time indoors watching TV or playing computer games.

Do today’s children play out as much as you did? Do computer games and television distract children from the opportunity to play out? Are the roads too busy or does the fear of 'stranger danger' limit children’s outdoor play? Chris will be presenting some of the findings from the recent Children’s Centre play survey that has been completed by over 3,000 children, young people and their parents.

Although rarely thought of as a matter for the politians there is growing concern that children are being denied opportunities for unstructured outdoor play and that their health and development is being negatively affected as a result.

Chris will be looking at the evidence that supports this and presenting a case for government to also recognise this as an area for concern and to look into how turn this worrying trend around.... as Chris says  'Rose tinted glasses suggest that the Isle of Man is a great place to grow up, but if we deny children opportunities for free unstructured outdoor play we are robbing them of one of the most fundamental parts of being a child and learning to grow.

The survey can be viewed (and completed) here:


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