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A Way Forward for the MEA?

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meashowroomsSeven years ago (July 2005) a Tynwald Select Committee on the Manx Electricity Authority was established. Its purpose is to:

"investigate the true and correct position with regard to the Manx Electricity Authority’s affairs and, noting the PKF Report, to investigate the role of the Authority, the Treasury, the Department of Trade and Industry, and other parties deemed appropriate, to ascertain what went wrong"

The Committee has produced 2 Interim Reports but is late in producing a Final Report. This is likely to appear in October.

In the meantime various remedial measures have been taken to stabilise the business of the MEA. The latest is to close showrooms in order to stem a loss, which in 2011 was £600,000. Despite this the huge debt continues to be a burden.

Energy industry expert, John Pedder, as a former IoM resident, has taken a close interest in the MEA saga. He has produced a what he calls a "Position Paper on the MEA" for the Liberal Vannin Party. It expounds a possible way forward for the Authority and is well worth reading - before your next electricity bill drops through the letterbox!

We thank the author and LVP for allowing PAG to publish it on our website.

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+3 #3 Unbelievable!PT 2012-08-17 17:00
I always knew there had been bad management re Pulrose but never realised it was this bad … this is un believable

PKF reported to Tynwald in mid 2005. The report identified a major reason for the over expenditure as the Pulrose CCGT, which ultimately cost £139 million, almost £100 million more than it should have cost and almost £60 million over budget.
0 #2 Paper Not ConfidentialEditor 2012-08-14 12:08
Please Note: John Pedder informs us that his Paper is NOT Confidential
0 #1 Comments pleaseJohn Pedder 2012-08-09 23:17
Has anyone got a comment?

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