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My Budget by Aalish

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AalishWell, dear readers, i don't know about you, but I'm still feeling a bit lost in this brave new world that opened up in the Budget debate.
At the moment I'm reclining in a hot bath drinking champagne (lightly chilled of course) and trying to compose myself.
I'd always thought of Alan Bell as such a nice man too. So positive and dynamic. So different from what's-his-name who used to run things.
But here was Alan, the people's friend, impaling himself on the horns of his own false dilemma - so painful to hear.

For him (unlike the rest of us): 'there is no middle ground'. 
The world according to Alan  is divided into two camps.
First and foremost and fitted for office in a time of crisis, those who like him are ruled by the head.
And then, trailing  a long way behind,  those who shrink from hard decisions, poor souls, because the heart takes over.

Well, well. The line 'if you're not with us, you must be against us' has been much-used in politics.
It goes back  back to George Bush, and indeed much further into history.

But although this is a time-honoured take, it doesn't stand up to examination.
Head AND heart work together in our judgments. There is no 'either / or' in daily life, but rather 'both and'.
An individual ruled by the head can all too easily become 'headstrong', sweeping aside opposing views.
'Commonsense' must prevail, and pretty damn quick too.

While I've been sharing thoughts with you I've been groping for the soap and I've just found it - so slippery ...
Along with the soap I'll try to hold on to hope.

Alan has told us - lots of times - that he does have a heart.
And I'm sure he does.
Somewhere ...

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