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Bell Bolsters the Block Vote

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The big surprise in the composition of  Allan Bell's Ministerial line-up is that Peter Karran is to be Minister for Education & Children.

Making the announcement the Chief Minister said:
‘The public expect a united and mature response from their politicians to the serious challenges facing our Island. As I have already made clear, I am taking an inclusive approach to the business of Government so that we can all work together for the good of the Isle of Man and its people. I believe the composition of this new Council of Ministers reflects that approach – they are a team blending experience and fresh thinking that hopefully will be able to mesh well with the rest of their Tynwald colleagues.’
In creating this government of national unity Bell has ensured that the mechanism of gaining Keys and Tynwald approval has been well and truly oiled.
Because of the Ministerial Code of Collective Responsibility, no longer will Mr Karran be a thorn in the side of Government. In any Keys or Tynwald motion, sponsored by a Minister, he will be obliged to vote in support, unless he has a very strong pre-declared reason for not so doing.
What's more it is likely that, as leader of the Liberal Vannin Party, Mr Karran will expect his 2 Party colleagues in Keys to follow suit. That gives 12 out of the required 13 vote majority in Keys. It takes only one other Departmental member to carry the vote.
So once again we revert to the (almost) built-in majority enjoyed by previous governments.
Nice move Mr Bell.
[Please note that PAG will revise and publish its much consulted Block Vote Diagram once the names of Departmental Members has been announced]

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