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Climate Change and Clean Energy: What will they mean for the Isle of Man?

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We are pleased to publicise an event by IoM FoE:

Keyll Darree Lecture Theatre, Nobles Hospital

7:30pm, Thursday 11th August

Free - all welcome

Isle of Man Friends of the Earth is hosting a presentation on the issue of climate change. This is a great opportunity to find out about the scientific consensus behind the issue - and specifically, to get to grips with how itíll affect us here in the Isle of Man.

Mike Childs - Head of Climate for Friends of the Earth in the UK - is visiting the Island to outline current thinking on climate change and some thoughts on how this is affecting areas such as energy policy on our neighbouring islands and elsewhere. We hope this will stimulate and inform local debate on the responses that the Isle of Man will need to have, and on the undoubtedly sizeable and immediate challenges its Government and its people face.

 As we enter the run-up to the election, Isle of Man Friends of the Earth believes that itís critical that the IOM Government establishes a robust, sustainable energy strategy which will enable the Island to play its part in working towards a clean energy future, and at the same time improve energy security and price stability for Island energy users. We believe that this is an urgent need.Ė The Government has committed to the ď15:15Ē target (if you donít know what this is, you really need to come to this meeting!) but even this timetableís under threat, and the Island faces missing this important target on the road to energy security and sustainability if action isnít taken promptly.

Any changes that are made, either in pursuit of Tynwaldís commitment to the ď15:15Ē target or indeed any failure to pursue this, will have significant impacts on the islandís economy, affecting everything from our energy strategy, the costs of household and commercial power, the cost of living, the jobs market and our national and household incomes. For this reason, the subjectís a hot potato from an economic and financial perspective, quite aside from the environmental and ethical issues dear to IoM FoEís hearts. So:

  • If youíre an energy user (and that means almost all of us)
  • If you care about the environment, and/or
  • If you believe the Isle of Man should play its part responsibly in the global community

Please join us for the presentation and debate on Thursday 11th August, at 7.30pm. Itíll be held in the Lecture Theatre at Keyll Darree Ė just come to Nobles Hospital and youíll find the building a few feet from the Main entrance. Thereís ample parking, and buses to the Hospital are frequent. Itís FREE, itís important, itís likely to be lively and engaging Ė and youíll have the opportunity to put any burning questions regarding renewables. We canít promise all the answers, but we can continue the debate for a sustainable energy policy for the IoM!

Mike Childs is Head of Climate for Friends of the Earth. He has worked at Friends of the Earth for over 20 years on a range of issues including factory pollution, recycling and rivers. For the last five years he has led the organisation's work on climate change, including leading The Big Ask Campaign that successfully secured the UK Climate Change Act. In addition to his work in the UK he is also the Chair of Friends of the Earth Europe. Before joining Friends of the Earth he worked in a consultancy specialising in the remediation of contaminated land. He has a partner and 2 young daughters.

Friends of the Earth is the UKís most influential environmental campaigning organisation. Itís also part of the most extensive environmental network in the world, with around 2 million supporters across five continents and more than 75 national organisations worldwide. It comprises a unique network of campaigning local groups, working in more than 220 communities throughout England , Wales and Northern Ireland.

The organization stands for three big ideas:

  • There is a tomorrow: We need to use the planet like there is a tomorrow. This means living within the limits of the natural world.
  • Everyone gets a fair share: Everyone, everywhere, now and tomorrow, deserves to have a good life.
  • Change the rules: We need to change the rules so that the economy works for people and the environment, not pit one against the other.

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