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IRIS spending lambasted

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To get up to speed as a new member, Chris Robertshaw decided to look at how government capital projects are managed. To this end he chose the IRIS Project and studied the recent 'Peel options', because, in his words "it is obviously an extremely significant capital project with a history - itís ongoing today  - and it will stretch out before us into the future in one form or another for some time to come". 

He is damning on the governments lack of scrutiny of this huge capital project and believes that as a matter of urgency our government must establish a more robust way of considering capital projects prior to their commencement.

The full text of his speech is attached.

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Download this file (CR IRIS speech 20101010.pdf)Tynwald IRIS speech by Chris Robertshaw 20.10.2010223 Kb1477


+2 #1 Incompetent or corruptroy 2010-10-25 11:25
When employed it is incumbent on a consultant to get the measure of his employer and ensure that his findings do not conflict with their requirements: he will endeavour to discover what conclusions are expected. He otherwise may not get work from that source again.

I can only conclude that these consultants working for this government did exactly that, and gave the government the weapons to make the call that the cabal of ministers had wanted regardless of economic impact.

The government are either completely incompetent or playing some game for particular interests. Incompetent or corrupt, I can only hope that they will not waste further millions before next September.

Please electors, bear these scandalous wastes of your money in mind at the general election next year. :eek:

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