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PAG Submission to Consultation on Freedom of Information Bill - Executive Summary

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PAG Submission to Consultation on Freedom of Information Bill
Executive Summary
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B) Executive Summary

1. The incorporation of exemptions from public scrutiny is the most controversial and critical aspect of any FOI legislation. We have serious concern about a fundamental concept within the Bill, that of the test of “prejudice” that enables public authorities to refuse providing information. It is used extensively in Part 4 (Qualified Exempt Information) and as commonly interpreted provides too low a threshold to justify rejecting requests. It goes to the heart of whether the legislation is truly open, fair and meaningful. 

The Scottish FOI Act adopts a more robust test, by using “prejudice substantially” and we strongly suggest that it be incorporated in this IOM legislation. Its use will significantly safe-guard the public interest when acces to information is requested.

2. The exclusion of the Council of Ministers as a public authority is a major weakness in the Bill and should be reconsidered. 

3. It is cleary intended that a system of fees be introduced to process requests. A request fee is not levied under the existing Code and should not be under this legislation, for straightforward requests. There should be no application fee for any request.  P A G deplores the fact that within the consultation document no indication of the level of fees has been given (cf. Jersey Report).



0 #2 RE: PAG Submission to Consultation on Freedom of Information BillGuest 2011-11-01 20:34
I cannot accept that a Crown Dependency should have entirely separate legislation to the UK. The cost of modern governance is beyond that which our island could collect through fair taxation. Therefore, I propose that our Civil Service should be an extention of the UK operation, on some matters.
0 #1 Peel Commissioners view of Draft FoI Billroy 2010-09-28 11:59

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