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Ugly face of politics?

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Angry Politician by Joseph MoranPolitics has been defined as 'show business for the ugly' (Will Kevans).

Currently we are looking at the ugly face of politics with ill-tempered exchanges between the Chief Minister and questioners such as David Cannan, Brenda Cannell, and Peter Karran who dare to interrupt the climate of cosy consensus cultivated in Tynwald and the House of Keys.

On Manx Radio Mr. Brown once stated his opinion: 'Words are just words, but they create an image.' Naturally he is protective of the image of the Isle of Man and will resent any disparaging comments. He is, after all, at home on his own range 'where never was heard a discouraging word'.

At the same time he could from time to time listen to his own words whenever he scornfully rejects those of his questioners. Is his image or the image of Tynwald in general well served by evading questions, dismissing them as politically motivated, or shunning them as damaging the good name of the Island? Does this attitude accord with his recent claim: 'In the Isle of Man we have a good democracy,' (Unless, of course, he meant 'good' in the sense of 'good dog!').

Perhaps - just perhaps - if he and his colleagues tried politeness for a change, and, more importantly, showed they could listen to other ideas and respond in a positive way, the questioners might themselves become less desperate in striving to be heard. With less noise going on, the 'ranting' Mr. Brown has complained might be reduced  in volume and frequency. Everybody wins!


A final thought for the Bishop and the Chaplain. It can't be easy for them to hear how their preaching is falling on deaf ears. I'm no Christian, but whatever became of ' turning the other cheek', or 'doing unto others ...'


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