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Spadoni Case - one

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Spadoni Case
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Gawne's Speech

So, how did they get from the position of being a highly successful Manx fishing family to the sorry state they are now in?

In simple terms, they made the mistake of trusting the very people who are paid by us, with Manx taxpayers’ money, to protect the safety of all seamen who go to sea in Manx-registered vessels.

They made the mistake of assuming that our Marine Administration would ensure that the certificate of seaworthiness their vessel was given by the Manx Marine Administration was worth the paper it was written on.
They made the mistake of assuming that, when our Marine Administration discovered that the United Kingdom Maritime and Coastguard Agency had flagrantly disregarded the rules regarding safety of seagoing vessels, the Marine Administration would help them.

They then made the mistake of trusting that Chief Ministers would be able to help them, they made the mistake of assuming that a Minister of the Isle of Man Government would not wholly mislead this Hon. Court and, more importantly, Dante and Joan made the mistake of assuming that officers, who must have deliberately misled their Minister, who subsequently misled the Court, would not be allowed to get away with it.

Dante and Joan went on to make further mistakes.

They made the mistake of assuming that their representatives for Rushen, armed with incontrovertible evidence, would be able to persuade first Government, and later Tynwald, to assist them in their plight.

They made the mistake of assuming a Government Subcommittee, faced with clear evidence, would be able to assist them.

They made the mistake of assuming a Committee, which was asked to investigate specific matters, would call people directly concerned with those specific matters to give public evidence and, had those people being given that opportunity, may even have been able to clear their names to a greater extent.

They made the mistake of assuming that DTI Ministers, former and current, faced with clear evidence of wrongdoing in their Department, would make fulsome and unreserved apologies to them.

Finally, they made the mistake of assuming that the Select Committee, which has reported today, would finally, once and for all, clear their name.



+1 #1 BishopGuest 2010-05-28 12:48
I attended a PAG meeting on whether the Bishop should be able to vote in Tynwald a while ago. An allegedly strong argument of his supporters was that it was desirable to add a moral presences within TB's whorehouse.

Where is the morality in opposing an apology for the way these incompetents working (alleged) for us treated these innocent people in a most disgraceful way?

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