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Reform of Legislative Council - from within!

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True to his word LegCo member David Callister is seeking leave to introduce a Bill to provide for the election of Members of the Legislative Council by public franchise.

As part of his request, which will be made at the LegCo sitting on Tuesday 27th April 2010*, there would need to revision and reduction of 'Keys' constituencies down to 8, following a Boundary Committee recommendation.

This is an encouraging development as far as P A G is concerned. We have been campaigning for a popularly elected LegCo for a number of years - it is in the P A G Charter.

With only 16 months to go before the next General Election will our elected politicians have the drive to support this initiative, that comes, unusually, from within LegCo? A majority of them told us in the 2006 Election campaign that they supported a truly democratically elected LegCo. Here they have a chance to honour that promise.

*starts at 10.30 a.m. - P A G members and others are encouraged to sit in the small public gallery to hear Mr Callister propose the Bill. This could be a momentous step forward in Manx politics. Do turn up if you can!



+1 #1 Result!Guest 2010-04-28 06:47
Begrudging approval was given. Lowey and Turner voted against.
For the others - Christian,Downi e, Butt, Braidwod - it was a case of not voting against the proposal rather than full support.
Callister has promised to consult widely before presenting his Bill, starting with MHK's. Let's hope that it receives their support.

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