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Home Opinion Tynwald Alternative report on the Scope and Structure of Government

Alternative report on the Scope and Structure of Government

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The authors of an alternative report on the Scope and Structure of Government are encouraging Council of Ministers to allow meaningful consultation and consideration of other options.

The Group is putting forward an amendment to the Government motion which receives the reports and requires consultation in accordance with the Government Code of Practice, reporting back by July.  This is too big an issue to be rushed through in two weeks without considering the implications. said a spokesperson for the group.

The Group criticise the Council of Ministers for not giving thought to the scope of government in their report, just the structure.  Putting forward their alternative proposals, they state This was a review into the Scope and Structure of Government.  Doing one without the other is wasting an opportunity.  In these cash strapped times, it would be wrong not to stop and evaluate the size and scope of Government.  Once you have worked out what Government should do, you can then work out what shape it should take.

It is appreciated that this will cause uncertainty amongst a number of public sector workers, but it is for that reason that thorough consultation has to be considered.

The proposals see the abolition of a Government Department, expressions of interest being requested for a number of areas of Government operations, an inquiry into the scope of local government, and a new departmental structure.

We believe this offers a viable alternative to the Council of Ministers plans, but are keen to engage with the public, unions, and other interested parties before moving forward with any proposals.

J. Watterson MHK

T. Crookall MHK

G. Cregeen MHK

G. Corkish MHK

D. Quirk MHK

B. Malarkey MHK

For further details contact:

Juan Watterson BA(Hons) ACA MHK

Member of the House of Keys for Rushen

Legislative Buildings




Tel: +44 (0) 1624 651517

Fax: +44 (0) 1624 685509
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Download this file (2010-02-09-Structure_and_Scope_Report_-_members_letter.pdf)Letter to Tynwald Members 9-02-2010132 Kb1033

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