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Children Bill 2010 consultation

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As a parent, and PAG member, I am very alarmed by the new Children Bill consultation (see http://www.gov.im/lib/docs/education/consultations/childrenbill.pdf).

The proposals are presented as a panacea for all ills as far as children are concerned but behind the scenes, a gross intrusion into family life is being planned. My enquiries over the last 18 months have revealed that what is on the table is no more than a cut and paste of a UK experiment in social engineering enticingly called 'Every Child Matters'.
Put plainly, the philosophy is that any family has the potential to be a risk to their children. In effect, we are all made suspects by the State.

Using that justification, the Children Bill 2010 proposes to create a compulsory database of information about every family so that our parenting skills can be monitored by unknown people in the civil service. In effect the proposals make the Government responsible for children by placing in statute a prescribed template for parenting.

The UK database is called 'Contact Point' and only started last year. This short Guardian article explains the issue well: When families become enemies of state

The Conservative Party and the Liberal Democratic Party have recognised that such a database places children and families at risk by having masses of sensitive data in one place and that the gross intrusion into family privacy is thoroughly unjustified. Both these parties have pledged to scrap the database after the next General Election.
Here in the Isle of Man these concerns are either ignored by our politicians or not understood in the first place. We urgently need a debate on this attempt by the Isle of Man Government to interfere with our family life.

The consultation ends on April 16th.
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0 #1 Front line services are more important than yet more administrators!roy 2010-03-10 14:18
Front line services are more important than yet more administrators!

Why can't this government regard front line services such as nursery places - - as more important than increasing the number of administrators with such systems in these austere times? Do they conduct any sort of cost/benefit analysis on these plans? Really despair... :sad:

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