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PAG Election 2006 Aims

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  • We aim to change the way the Isle of Man elections are fought by making them electorate-driven rather than candidate-driven.
  • We want to influence the forthcoming election campaign from the ‘bottom up’. In other words, through the Positive Action Group we will give a voice to the people and we will say very loudly what we want. This will be a campaign where the Candidate will be asked to give us what we want, not what he or she wants to offer.
  • We are not going to leave it to the last minute to look at individual candidates’ manifestos and see if there is anything in it for us, and choose the ‘best’ of what is on offer.
  • We will take positive action now to influence the direction of the new parliament, by drawing up our own wish list of reforms to the system of government and ask which of the candidates can deliver.
  • We want to work with the candidates (new and sitting members) to provide a base for coherent government before candidates are elected.
  • We intend to continue to support candidates, once elected, so that the new parliament does not evolve into a disparate group of individuals with no connected objectives.
  • We want to reclaim politics for the people and make them stakeholders in their future. Positive Action Group will work towards creating a unified community with a critical mass of aware and active voters.

What makes us different, we believe, is that we are ordinary individuals who have come together because of our shared, genuine concerns about the Isle of Man. We are giving up our time for the express purpose of having a positive influence on the future of the Isle of Man through the democratic process. We are determined that apathy from the electorate, born of several years of disillusionment with the political system, will not result in us getting the government that we do not deserve.



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