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UK MPs Expense scandal

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Your Right to Know by Heather BrookeNo one can avoid the media coverage of the MPs' expenses scandal in the U K. The Daily Telegraph was responsible for releasing the details, but in fact all the legwork was done by a young, self employed, investigative journalist, using the Freedom of Information Act.

Heather Brooke's investigation lasted several years. She was relentless in probing the secretive Westminster world of politicians expenses and eventually led to the exposure of the "John Lewis list".

To hear how Heather Brooke used F O I to uncover the information listen to a recording of a talk given by her to The Centre for Investigative Journalism Summer School 2008. It lasts about 20 minutes and is a fascinating insight to the background behind the Telegraph's apparent scoop.

Heather’s talk is about half way along this recording, after some short applause for David Gordon. Please click on the image to the right for information about her book on this subject.



0 #1 Related BBC ProgrammePAG 2010-02-23 22:56
"On Expenses"

Drama about American journalist Heather Brooke's fight for the disclosure of MPs' expenses under the Freedom of Information Act, resulting in one of the defining political scandals of the decade.

Only available until on iPlayer until 2nd March 2010. See here
See also our latest report on FOI

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