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Predicting population presentation

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"Predicting Population"

Paul Craine's presentation to PAG on Monday 23rd May 2016



Last Updated on Monday, 27 June 2016 09:10

Who's up for it?

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Who's up for it?ElectionsWith the announcement that 3 existing MHKs will not be standing in the IOM General Election a picture is beginning to emerge about the status of serving politicians.

  • Not standing - Karran, SHIMMIN, Hall
  • Will they stand? - BELL, Rodan, Singer, TEARE
  • Likely to Stand - QUAYLE, Cannan, Boot, Harmer, RONAN, Quirk, Joughin, Peake, Houghton, Cregeen, Malarkey, WATTERSON, SKELLY, GAWNE
  • Already Declared - Robertshaw, Beecroft, Thomas

On 22nd September candidates will be contesting 2 seats in each of 12 constituencies. With Hall and, especially, Karran, not standing the Onchan contest will be wide open.

Rushen was the other constituency to have 3 representatives. Now there's only 2 places to fight for there which one of the 3 Ministers will be deposed? Or will Castletown get a defector?

Other existing single seat constituencies to be affected by the changes are Peel, Glen Faba, Malew & Santon, The Ayres, Garff, Michael and Middle.

Once elected the new intake of MHKs will, alongside their LegCo colleagues, have to elect a Chief Minister. You as a voter will not have any say as to whom that might be. Having placed your 2 crosses on the ballot paper you relinquish any power you have until 2021. 

The current President of Tynwald Clare Christian ends her 5 year term of office in July 2016. An election for President will have to take place. Again the decision is in the hands of all Tynwald Members. Should Mrs Christian decide to retire it is highly likely that Steve Rodan will be the leading candidate to take over. That would create an opportunity for the voters of Garff to elect 2 new Members. It has also been suggested that John Shimmin could also be nominated for President.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 03 May 2016 16:43

PAG AGM 2016

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7pm prompt, Monday, 25th April 2016

Manx Legion Club, Market Hill, Douglas

All are welcome to attend but only members will be able to vote

Happy to welcome new members that evening

Followed by PUBLIC MEETING at 7.45pm

"Direct Democracy"

a Talk & Discussion by 

James Hampton

ALL Welcome - Admission Free

Last Updated on Tuesday, 19 April 2016 22:02

Presentation: Abortion Funding - A matter of equal rights and justice

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ABORTION FUNDING: A matter of equal rights and justice

The meeting presentation on 21st March 2016 by 

Mara Clarke - Director, Abortion Support Network

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Download this file (Abortion Funding 21 March 2016.pdf)Abortion Funding - A matter of Equal Rights and Justice: Mara Clarke633 Kb1240
Last Updated on Wednesday, 23 March 2016 22:51

INDEPENDENT REVIEW: to examine the functioning of the Branches of Tynwald and consider options for reform

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The review was approved by Tynwald in June 2015 and supposed to have been published in April 2016. It was announced (01.03.16) that Lord Lisvane is to conduct it during March and May and his report presented in July.

The terms of reference are to:
  • Examine the functions of the Branches of Tynwald
  • Determine the efficacy of the functions of the branches of Tynwald
  • Determine the scrutiny structure required by the parliament. 
  • Recommend options for reform where applicable.

Under the Inquiries (Evidence) Act 2003, the reviewer can ask people to present their thoughts at an Inquiry by written submission to the reviewer, it does not preclude the reviewer from meeting with interested parties to discuss their views but does require the reviewer to allow submission of views to be in public and open to all in a formal inquiry setting.

So if you have got any comments or suggestions do let Lord Lisvane know!
Last Updated on Sunday, 13 March 2016 18:21

LegCo Latest - Referendum rebuked

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no-referendumNot unexpectedly MHK Bill Malarkey's call for a referendum, for the public to decide as to whether LegCo should be popularly elected, was rejected (February 2016 Tynwald).
Some senior politicians called the motion "a nonsensical political gimmick" - "dealing with existential issues" - "faffing around" - "obscuring big issues".
There was just no appetite to try and tackle change - except that is from the eight Members who voted for a referendum
So another five year parliamentary term will have passed with failure to resolve the LegCo dilemma.
Well not quite...
The Keys previously voted to introduce a speedier, more flexible system to elect MLC's. This measure will only serve to make such elections less embarrassing!
And, on the horizon since June 2015, there has been the promise of an independent review to examine the functioning of the Branches of Tynwald and consider options for reform.
Assurance has been given that the terms of reference have been drawn up, but no person to conduct the review appointed. Of course those terms have not been made public. Why not?
So the promise of a report being completed by April is likely to be broken.
Surely what is needed are some facts about the work of LegCo and they will be provided later on this website.
Last Updated on Tuesday, 23 February 2016 18:30

FOI can work for US!

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foi unlockPAGSTERs may remember that there was an important Consultation about the beneficial ownership of companies. It closed at the end of September 2015 and Positive Action Group wrote a submission.

As a result of the responses received Chief Minister Bell made statements that the Isle of Man would not be changing its position on revealing beneficial ownership of companies registered here.

But the responses were never published, even in summary.Taking advantage of the new Freedom of Information Act, PAG requested release of all the responses in full.

FOI worked! Here are the 38 submissions that were made and there is a wide variety of opinion expressed. One response was signed by 17 MPs and 3 members of the House of Lords. Of particular interest is the submission from the Department of Home Affairs, which reflects the views of the Financial Crime Unit. Take a look for yourself.



Last Updated on Thursday, 25 February 2016 14:07

Consultation on Greater ID Verification at Harbours

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CaptureConsultation, in Principle, on The Introduction of Greater Identification Verification Measures at Harbours.

Hamish Killip presents a cogent argument within his attached response to the said consultation exercise.

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Download this file (ID Consultation Document - HK Comments.pdf)Consultation on The Introduction of Greater Identification Verification1876 Kb1534
Last Updated on Sunday, 21 February 2016 19:12

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