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We need to stop IRIS dead in its tracks...

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Speech on the Public Accounts Committee Report on IRIS 1991 to 2007, as given in Tynwald on 16 November 2010.


Thank you Mr President - A PAC report of this nature covering the first 16 years of such a significant and costly capital project presented an extremely important opportunity to produce a fearless, comprehensive and honest document which could inform, advise and guide those who come after us for the good of the Isle of Man, the taxpayer, the whole capital contract commissioning process, our Government and Parliament and indeed the standing of the Public Accounts Committee itself.

This has been an opportunity completely missed.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 30 November 2010 13:08

Steam Packet News

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Interesting to hear the Steam Packet wailing about 'unfair competition'. I'd have thought the User Agreement made them the unfair competition.

Bill Malarkey, Phil Gawne and Chris Robertshaw have got it right. The principal problem with the Steam Packet is that they effectively financed their owners purchase of them through debt ( see Tynwald Hansard and previous article). Bit like the recent ignomously departed owners of Liverpool FC.  

Their management have a lot to answer for. Buying one clapped out vessel could be deemed a mistake, but buying two vessels with engine issues that have elongated journey times is surely pretty careless. I understand that the Mezeron freight operation in Douglas operates on some land that was recently sold by the Steam Packet. I wonder if they blame our government or the User Agreement for that!

We may have to put up with some discomfort as the Packet try to swing public opinion by pruning the timetable to the minimum required under the User Agreement, but this is worth going through if it will result in us gaining an operator free of the debt burden and overbearing management structure that characterises the present company.

Last Updated on Saturday, 27 November 2010 11:07

Kaupthing - two years on

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Statement from the Kaupthing IOM Depositors Action Group (KSFIOM DAG) on the position two years on from the banks collapse in October 2008.
Last Updated on Wednesday, 24 November 2010 23:34

Happy with the IoM Dental service?

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The government close their consultation on an 'Oral Health Strategy for the Isle of Man' in a few days (November 8th).

It is vitally important that we make our feelings know on what this writer considers to be one of the most neglected and appalling services provided by Government.

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Download this file (steele_review_dental_services_2009.pdf)Steele Review 607 Kb1911
Last Updated on Wednesday, 10 November 2010 12:45

Election of Chief Minister Bill thrown out

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The Clauses Stage of this Bill, which would enable the public to elect a Chief Minister at the next General election in September 2011, didn't survive the first Clause at the House of Keys 26.10.10. Only 8 MHKs voted for it, with 13 against. This is a bitter blow for the development of Manx democracy and will mean that voters will not be able to choose who will determine government policy in the 5 years 2011 to 2016. Once again voters will be confined to voting only for their constituency politicians rather than having a say, however indirect, in national policies.

Voting was as follows:

For (8) Against (13)
The Speaker (Rodan)  
Last Updated on Sunday, 22 May 2011 17:01

European Union (Amendment) Bill - a P A G member responds

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PAG member Tristram Llewellyn-Jones's response to this consultation is attached.
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Download this file (EU Amendment Bill - consultation response.pdf)EU (amendndment) BIll112 Kb1187
Last Updated on Wednesday, 27 October 2010 20:28

Meeting on Government Dentistry Service 1st November 2010

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P A G Public Meeting

"Improving our NHS Dental Service"


a presentation by Colin Partington BDS,

former chair of the Isle of Man dental association

7.30 p.m. Monday 1st November 2010

Manx Legion Club, Market Hill, Douglas

Last Updated on Tuesday, 02 November 2010 13:03

IRIS spending lambasted

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To get up to speed as a new member, Chris Robertshaw decided to look at how government capital projects are managed. To this end he chose the IRIS Project and studied the recent 'Peel options', because, in his words "it is obviously an extremely significant capital project with a history - it’s ongoing today  - and it will stretch out before us into the future in one form or another for some time to come". 

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Download this file (CR IRIS speech 20101010.pdf)Tynwald IRIS speech by Chris Robertshaw 20.10.2010223 Kb1349
Last Updated on Tuesday, 26 October 2010 11:59

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