Words fail them

Friday, 28 January 2011 00:32 Autolycus

Introducing a new feature in which we invite you to listen in and report back on the word games politicians and civil servants play.

First prize (up to now) in the mixed metaphor stakes of the current administration goes to an Onchan MHK (no, not THAT one) who warned not long after his election:

'We must be careful not to over-egg our favourite hobbyhorse.'

Makes a sort of sense when you come to think of it - after all we don't want to stick to the saddle when we try to dismount, do we?

And now for a specimen of the sheer gobbledygook - much of it borrowed from business-speak - that is so prevalent in the ever-increasing circles of politics. And why not, you might ask - after all we are 'Isle of Man plc', aren't we? We are indeed - business interests and politics are closely intertwined here.

But such burble can be just a heap of ... words. Take this recent offering from a senior civil servant approaching retirement. Asked why a forthcoming structural change in his service hadn't been made earlier, since now it was being touted as an obvious move dictated by common sense, he parried:

'We've already got the matrix up and running. It's holistic and seamless!'

Not surprisingly, the interviewer was silenced (perhaps that was the speaker's intention.)

Don't you go quiet on us, though. We look forward to hearing from you.

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