Parliamentary windows fly open!

Saturday, 09 October 2010 14:52 Chris Robertshaw

Tynwald BadgeFrom now on visitors to the Tynwald website will not just be able to see the Tynwald Order Paper in advance of the sitting but will also be able to click through to all the documents which support each item on the Order Paper.

This gives everyone a better and much higher level of access to the information before the Court, so, if you have a particular subject you feel strongly about why not check to see if it is on the up coming Order Paper? If it is, read up on it and then tell your MHK what you think well before the sitting.

To access the Order Paper go to then click on official papers, then order papers and then (for example) if you wish to see the order paper for Tuesday 19th October 2010 click on 2010-2011 and then on 19th October 2010.

Good hunting!

Last Updated on Friday, 15 October 2010 12:26