PAG Event: "GDPR: D-Day is here"

Wednesday, 09 May 2018 21:11 PAG

"GDPR: D-Day is here" 

A presentation by Iain McDonald, IoM Information Commissioner

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Manx Legion Club, Douglas  

7:30 pm MONDAY 21st May 2018

The event is free and open to all.

The new General Data Protection legislation (GDPR) reflects the significant changes in the way that our personal data is processed and used alongside the advances in digital technology. It is Data Protection for the Facebook age and removes a lot of the powers from Government and organisations that they have previously exploited to the full.
The public was told "The Isle of Man needs to implement the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) into its law by 25th May so that it can continue to do business with EU countries".
We needed to be 'fleet of foot to keep pace with a fast moving situation.'
It would appear that we have been neither. 
The Channel Islands already has a fully scrutinised GDPR law and the UK GDPR is completing its final stages having been fully scrutinised by Parliament.
Controversially, the Isle of Man  introduced a very short Data Protection Bill giving specific powers to for Tynwald to then introduce highly detailed GDPR regulations as part of Manx law – 
Importantly, this meant that Tynwald was denied the opportunity of line by line scrutiny of the GDPR. This is because Tynwald is not allowed to amend regulations – it can only reject them. This approach is controversial as it gives civil servants much more power over politicians.
This approach to legislation now appears to have come off the rails as the GDPR has quietly not appeared in time for the May 25th deadline.
So where are we with all this?
The May deadline has obviously been missed and the Bill has not yet received Royal Assent, so the Manx Regulations cannot be finalised. No announcement is scheduled for the May Tynwald so we are in limbo. PAG understands that an announcement will be made in June - well after the deadline.
Iain McDonald will explain the up to date legislative position and what it will mean to the Manx public. The new law: 
  • gives enhanced rights so making a request for your own data is quicker and free of charge. 
  • means that you will be notified if there is a failure by an organisation which means that your data was lost or exposed and where such actions cause you damage or loss.
  • means that organisations – in the public and private sector - will need to make sure that their policies and procedures are up to date that they are lawfully able to process your data and that they must look after the data that they collect.
After his presentation the Information Commissioner will willingly answer any questions from the audience.
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