PAG Event: 2018 Manx Budget explained

Sunday, 18 February 2018 22:00 PAG

Positive Action Group event

The 2018 Manx budget explained

A presentation by Hon Alf Cannan MHK, Minister for the Treasury


Monday 26th February 2018 at 7:30pm 

Manx Legion Club, Market Hill, Douglas  

The event is free and open to all

Expanding the Manx economy is a prime objective of this Government. When Alf Cannan took on the responsibility of Treasury Minister many regarded it as a thankless task. The annual Budget Statement will reveal how he has fared and what we can expect in the coming year.

As usual we have had optimistic pre-budget statements that the economy is in good shape. Yet we also hear of  an expanding sector of the population which is not benefitting from apparent economic buoyancy.
Each year the Budget Statement is expected with great anticipation. This year will be especially so for the less well-off and the 'squeezed middle' of our society. There has been general condemnation of  stealth taxes so perhaps the 2018 Budget will address direct taxation, both income and corporate?
The long term funding of our NHS is a concern for everyone, and then there is the Public Sector Pensions problem. Overarching all this is the continued uncertainty of Brexit.
There's much to think about and Positive Action Group (PAG) is pleased to welcome Mr Cannan to share and discuss his thoughts at a public meeting on 
Monday, 26th February at 7:30pm at the Legion Club, Market Hill, Douglas.  
That's less than a week after his Budget Statement in Tynwald. Politicians and business people will already have had their say. Now it is the turn of the Manx people to hear first hand the wise words of the Treasury Minister. What's more you will be able to criticise and question him about your own concerns. You may even wish to compliment him!
All will be made very welcome to what is sure to be a stimulating evening with much to discuss and debate. This one of the very few opportunities for taxpayers to quiz our Treasury Minister face-to-face.
Remember the event is free and open to anyone. You don't have to be a PAG member
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