Programme for Government 2016-2021 presentation

Saturday, 13 August 2016 00:00 PAG


The Programme for Government 2016-2021 with Chris Thomas MHK & Hon Laurence Skelly MHK

On 30th January Positive Action Group (PAG) kicked off its 2017 series of political public meetings with a presentation by two current Ministers in the seat of IOM Government, Minister for Policy and Reform, Chris Thomas MHK, and Minister of the Department of Economic Development, Hon Laurence Skelly MHK.

One of the idiosyncrasies of Manx democracy is that we elect our MHKs without knowing what the programme of a new Government will be or who will lead it. We are pleased to say that Chief Minister Quayle has sought the views of backbenchers and CoMin colleagues in speedily forming a strategic plan. It was unanimously approved in January Tynwald. The document states the objectives of the new government for the next 5 years and identifies its priorities. In it there are 81statements accompanied by 85 actions. It is very encouraging." 

The introduction to the 24 page publication states "We need an honest debate about what our priority services should be in the future and how we will pay for them".

Programme for 2017

PAG has provisionally arranged these other public meetings in 2017:

27th February - The IOM Budget 2017 - Treasury Minister, Hon Alf Cannan

27th March - The IOM Cycling Experience - speaker to be confirmed

*24th April - Ending the Drug War - Jane Slater (Head of Operations, Transform)

*this meeting organised in conjunction with IOM Freethinkers

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