Identifying Election Issues

Thursday, 17 February 2011 23:39 PAG
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Past PAG Public Meeting

“Identifying Election Issues"

7:30pm, Monday 28th March 2011

Manx legion Club, Market Hill, Douglas

  • The General Election is only 6 months away and PAG wants to be part of the action by encouraging voters to air issues that are of concern.
  • You may remember that P A G, in 2006, flagged up Freedom of Information as a vital issue. It was promised by the Brown Government. It has not been delivered.
  • Voters only have the opportunity every 5 years to influence the direction of Island politics and we need to grasp it.
  • This time we want politicians to fulfill all their promises and carry out the will of the electorate.
  • The meeting will aim to identify issues that candidates need to be aware of as they 'press the flesh' when asking for your vote.
  • Come along to the Legion on Monday 28th March and join in the debate - let's hear what you think.
  • Let your friends know - everyone is welcome - admission free!