The Hoary Issue of Planning!

Tuesday, 26 November 2013 16:27 PAG

planning-mistakes"The hoary issue of Planning" - that's how the Chairman introduced the topic to David Cretney when the DOI Minister recently appeared before the Environment & Infrastructure Policy Review Committee.


The Minister, and members of Tynwald, had been bombarded with correspondence from Peel resident Trevor Cowin, questioning the appointment of the Planning Committee, whether it was lawfully constituted, and whether the Committee was conducting itself in accordance with Standing Orders.

There was a classic deflection of further questioning by stating that the issue was to be the subject of Questions in Keys, so no information ought to be prematurely divulged to the Committee. The Department was taking the allegations seriously and had consulted the Acting Attorney General.

In October the PAG website published (Planning Pandemonium) the first letter that Mr Cowin had sent to the IOM Examiner in order to draw public attention to what he regarded as a serious breach of Planning regulation.

Here, in the Comment section, we publish, in chronological order later letters and correspondence for you the public to assess - starts at #1, ends at #5.

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