Obesity outburst clouds real issue

Monday, 21 October 2013 14:33 WRT

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The sweeping statements made about obesity in the Isle of Man by Chief Minister Bell appears to be based on a commissioned study conducted by Theodoros M. Bampouras, Senior Lecturer in Sport Mechanics and Performance Analysis at the University of Cumbria.


The resultant report of 30th November 2012 is quite specific in that it is confined to data analysis from 5 year old school entrants in 2012.

Two years earlier 'The Isle of Man Health and Lifestyle Survey 2009' (attached below) had been published.

This latest data was incorporated in a strategy booklet 'Plan for Tackling Childhood Overweight and Obesity in the Isle of Man' (attached below), published in January 2013
Apparently the two documents provide the local obesity framework. So why this tirade about health issues months later from Mr Bell?
We conclude that it was an attempt to divert criticism away from the Health Service and direct the focus onto schoolchildren, parents and the elderly.
We deserve a targeted, committed, dynamic policy from government to tackle obesity.
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