10 months of Parliamentary Questions

Friday, 13 September 2013 21:23 PAG
There was a minor rumpus in the final (July) Tynwald - a number of oral questions tabled by MHKs were not able to be answered, because there was not enough time.

Some Ministers were also discontent because blocks of questions were being asked of them. Treasury Minister Teare was one such complainant.

As a result  Speaker Rodan requested the Tynwald Standing Orders Committee to examine the rules and practice relating to oral and written questions.

PAG decided to analyse the question time sessions for the parliamentary year (October 2012 to July 2013)

1. How many questions were submitted and of which type?
2. Which MHKs did the asking?
3. Which Ministers did the answering?

1. In 19 sittings of Keys and 10 sittings of Tynwald 640 questions were tabled - 368 oral, 272 written

2. Top inquisitors - Hall and Karran with 111 questions each. Beecroft tabled 99 questions.

3. Busiest answering Ministers - Teare 132, Anderson 94, Robertshaw 77, Cretney 63, Bell 60

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