Robertshaw's concerns over Child Care

Tuesday, 19 October 2010 21:49 PAG

Mr Robertshaw had raised concerns in Tynwald about a lack of transparency within the department.He wanted to know why an external inspection, recommended in 2006, had not yet been undertaken.


Minister for Social Care Martyn Quayle said: "The department should be ready for inspection in 2012."

He added: "I won't say that everything is fine in the department but we are working towards a mandate which was given to us by Tynwald.  An external inspection will take place, subject to approval from the Council of Ministers Children's Committee, around 2012".

The Commission of Inquiry into the Care of Young People Report from 2006 was commissioned after Samantha Barton and George Green, both 16 and in care, were sexually assaulted and murdered in the Isle of Man.

The subsequent inquiry stated that Manx health services available to children needed "regular external validation" to ensure high standards.

Mr Robertshaw said: "We are progressing towards a better service far too slowly. While they are trying to get the department up to speed, and I respect that they are, they are not being careful enough with the families and children they are dealing with right now".

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