Electoral Reform Bill 2011

Saturday, 25 June 2011 11:51 PAG

June 14th 2011

Legislative Council colleagues gave David Callister grudging support for the first reading of his Electoral Reform Bill 2011.

The Bill will not only ensure that 8 members of the Legislative Council be popularly elected, but will also require establishing 8x 4 member constuencies. There would be three MHk's and one Council Member elected in each constituency.

In the short debate some extraordinary reasons were put forward against the principle of the legislation.

Clare Christian implied that supportive Election manifesto promises made 5 years ago didn't count!

However the most outrageous comment came from Juan Turner:

"I feel this is the first step on the road to dismantling Tynwald. I think it is unfortunate that the driver seems to be to satisfy the tastes of a minority lobby group. It has had much publicity over the last couple of weeks. Nobody, as far as I am aware has been lobbying and the public gallery is practically empty."

So the size of the 'audience' should determine the progress of legislation?

In Juan's world, Tynwald would find it hard to pass any law!

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