Dreaming of Tynwald

Friday, 28 January 2011 00:08 PAG
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(Prizewinner in the Olive Lamming Memorial Literary Competition)

Alfred Looney

Next year said the missus you’re to stand for the Keys

of course I said yes as I’m anxious to please

and keep the right side of her as anyone should.

And they would if they had any sense.


Now I’ve retired I’ve not much to do

and a bit more cash would be very nice too,

the perks are quite good if you take them that is.

And you would if you had any sense.


On the fifth of July on the Hill I’d be sat

in my new pin stripe trousers and shiny top hat,

maybe Government House for afternoon tea.

And you would if you had any sense.

They might make you a minister if you showed willing

but at question times you would get a good grilling,

best to keep quiet and sit at the back.

And you would if you had any sense.


Then what if I met my friends in the street

it would not be how are you and what’s all the skeet

but what of those promises you’ve failed to keep.

If you’d stuck to retirement might have been best.

And I should if I had any sense.